Feel SEXY in Your Skin!

An e-course about how to love your body during sex, dating and relationships

This course is for...

Building Body Confidence

Stop feeling shitty about your body and start feeling comfortable in your skin during sex!

Improving Self-Worth

Silence the "I'm not enough" thoughts and realize how worthy you are of pleasure and love!

Transforming Your Relationships

Learn how to communicate, act and BE in a healthy, loving relationship (romantic or otherwise!)

What's Included:

Video #1: The 2nd Sexiest Thing You Can Be

Video #2: How to love your NAKED body

Video #3: No More Shame in Your Sex Game

Video #4: Receive, Receive, Receive… and then Receive Some More

Video #5: The #1 Thing Most Women Don’t Do

The Investment:

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5 lesson videos

25-page workbook

BONUS: Q&A video

BONUS: The Body Confidence Guide, my e-book on how to heal body-image struggles for FREEEE!


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"Before working with Mary I was struggling with body acceptance and confidence. I had just undergone a mental breakdown because of my weight, and I was feeling so desperate. What helped me so much with Mary is that we bonded as coach-client but also as friends. It made me feel like I was talking to someone who really knew how I felt and could give advice from her own experience. Now, I can go swimming with friends and don’t even think of how I look in a bathing suit. And THAT is so liberating."


"I have always struggled with how I looked at and thought about myself...constant negative thoughts in my mind and self hatred whenever I went to post a picture. Working with Mary, someone who has had similar thoughts and feelings, and getting to the root of those feelings, saved me in so many ways. I am able to look at myself in the mirror and appreciate what I see, I'm able to look at pictures of my friends and I and see genuine happiness and and like how I look as well as not compare myself. My inner dialogue has completely changed. Mary is a miracle worker!!!!!"

Hunter Gibbons
Makeup Artist

"Before Mary, I felt broken and confused about my life, my purpose, and who I REALLY was. I struggled with body image, the way I spoke to myself, and an overall life balance which made daily tasks feel completely overwhelming. My confidence was cracked and crumbling and I felt hopeless that I would never crawl out of this hole I was in. Mary guided me to SHIFT out of the dark place I was in through actionable tasks that can be revisited when you need them: books to read, podcasts to listen to, journal exercises, workbooks, challenges etc. Now, I actually trust myself enough -- mind, body, and soul -- to not linger in bad days and poor attitudes."

Social Worker

What You'lll Learn:

Here's everything you'll learn in this course...

  1. What attraction actually is
  2. The one thing that every single person on this planet finds sexy
  3. What makes sex great
  4. How to be confident on a first date
  5. How to be yourself in a world that’s telling you to be someone else
  6. How to channel sexy, magnetic energy in your dating, love and sex life
  7. 3 things you must do to always stay true to yourself
  8. The #1 thing that will boost your confidence
  9. How to show up as your real, authentic self
  10. My #1 core value that has completely transformed my life
  11. How to stop being nervous on a first date
  12. How to let go of expectations and just be YOU
  13. How to stop thinking that he/she/they don’t like your body
  14. How to stop stalking and/or comparing yourself to their ex
  15. How to be comfortable naked in front of your partner
  16. How I dealt with rapid weight gain (mindset-wise) after quitting dieting
  17. How to overcome the engrained diet cultured beliefs that tell us that we’re not good enough
  18. Why you actually aren’t “insecure” and how to start believing that
  19. The #1 thing you must stop doing in the bedroom
  20. The secret to BELIEVING that you’re beautiful and sexy
  21. Why “positive affirmations” don’t work and what to do instead
  22. A challenge to boost your body confidence
  23. How to talk to your partner about your struggles
  24. How to stop glamorizing the times when you were thinner
  25. The #1 red flag to watch out for you’re getting to know someone
  26. The only way to heal any type of sexual shame
  27. How to have sex with the lights on, feel good about your body and actually enjoy sex
  28. My best tools for healing body-image struggles
  29. How to get through the uncomfortable parts of healing
  30. How to get over the fear of rejection
  31. How to get over a break-up
  32. 3 steps to let go of sexual shame
  33. How to own your sexuality and empower yourself sexually (in other ways besides sex)
  34. What flirting actually is and why it’s okay to flirt with people
  35. The book you must read to accept alllll the (sexual) parts of your body
  36. A challenge you must do for ultimate body confidence!
  37. How to talk to your friends about sex and get rid of the taboo around it
  38. What to do if you have no one to talk to about sex
  39. The one area so many women struggle with (and they don’t even know it!)
  40. The reason you’re stressed out, resentful and tired
  41. 4 difficult questions you must consistently ask yourself
  42. How to let other people be there for you and not push them away
  43. The ONLY way to stop restricting yourself (with food and otherwise)
  44. Why you feel so damn ‘not good enough’ so often
  45. The biggest mistake I made when I was in a serious relationship
  46. How to let your partner love you
  47. How to accept the fact that you are enough exactly as you are right now
  48. The book you must read to accept yourself fully (emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically)
  49. Something you can do right now to build up your self-worth
  50. How to allow yourself to receive pleasure in the bedroom
  51. A visualization to help you enjoy sex
  52. 5 ways to practice receiving love from other people
  53. The #1 thing that you MUST start doing to transform ALL your relationships
  54. How to voice your needs, wants and desires (including sexual ones!) so that your partner actually hears you
  55. The MAGIC 5 step process to making powerful requests
  56. How to talk to your partner about body-image struggles
  57. How to ask your partner to support you in your struggles
  58. The ONE thing you MUST do before talking with ANYONE about ANYTHING
  59. How to empower yourself in a relationship
  60. How to teach your partner to communicate effectively with you


... and more!


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